Desk Configurator

With our scrum based design approach we connect relevant contractors, IT specialists and future operators. The common thread in these sessions is the operator task and how they perform their job. Another beacon is our integrated design thinking. The end result will be a clean desk which provides the operator overview and the relevant equipment within reach.
The desk configurator is based on an expedition model with clear goals and defined steps, connection technology, organization and people. The result is an operator workplace where operators are in control of a safe, effective and efficient operational process. And an operator console that meets ergonomic standards like described in ISO 11064-4.

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Task analysis

The first design session start with the identification of tasks, relevant information and ways of interaction. What information is needed to make the right decisions?  What information is shared? How do they communicate? How frequently are the tasks performed, how important is each task ?

In the same session we list the systems and the equipment that provides the information to the operator and how the operator communicates with the system.


Conceptual workplace configurations

In a second session Ops Factor presents several conceptual workplace configurations. Each reflecting different integrated design concepts. For example: hard switches versus HMI, touch panel versus keyboard & mouse, number of applications in relation to the number of displays and images, and the possibilities of integrating input devices for more overview and focus. 

These options are visualized in 3D block models helping the operator to get a clear vision of the future workplace. The outcome of the task analysis are used to assess the conceptual design options and to decide which option serves the operator best. 

Integrated design thinking

Based on years of experience in control room design and together with our strong and innovative partner network we integrate smart technology and functional design to come to a total workplace concept which will serve the operator best. We can for example advise you on how to reduce the number of keyboards on your desk. Or how to combine communication channels to one practical device. You can read more about this on our turnkey solutions website page. 

Mock-up or demo

IF you would like to experience the differences between a control room desk and office furniture, of if you would like to learn more about viewing angles and reaching zones, or if you prefer checking the 3D concept design behind a real desk, Ops Factor can provide a demo desk or built a mock-up to let operators experience the workstation and come to a final design.  

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