Design consultancy

Outlining the operations room that fits your people and process

The goal of our human centered design approach is to come to a final functional design that reflects the operational workflow and the defined tasks. This will ensure a work environment where operators and staff can perform at their best; efficient, safe and healthy with a minimum risk of human error.

Road map

Our road map is a practical translation of the principles and project approach as described in ISO 11064. Remote control solutions are driven by technology, people and processes. Aligning these is our expertise.




To find the best approach for each situation, we use a design model with defined steps and clear goals.


Project teams

  • Effective multi-disciplinary project approach
  • Reduction of project costs (less meetings, less rework)
  • First time right (reducting of life cycle costs)
  • End users commitment and stakeholders buy in


  • Functional design supporting ops workflow
  • Maximizing operator performance
  • Reducing risks to health, safety and environment
  • Reducing human error