Service & Support

Your Remote Control Desk is designed to ensure a healthy workplace for a big variety of international users of all shapes and sizes. Smart design solutions as well as good service and maintenance is our priority.

Installation instruction

Even with proper care, the arm- and palm pads are prone to wear and tear because of intensive pressure, friction and cleaning. That’s why the pads are easy to order and replace.

Ops Service Package

We offer you our Ops Service Package with a multi-cleaner to clean all critical desk elements (arm- and palm pads, controllers, screens & desk surfaces). It can be used multiple times a day without damaging the top layers of the different desk components.
With this package you can safely clean and maintain your remote desk, including the upholstery and the chair. After all, using the wrong materials can lead to unnecessary damage and is also not covered by the warranty!

Service & Support

Do you have questions or do you need assistance with your remote control desk? Please do not hesitate to contact us.