Serious gaming can help you defining strategy and vision. That’s why Ops Factor designed an online game for terminal managers. TerminalQuest® is based on the TV programme Dragon’s Dan. Four entrepreneurs are challenging you to define the best proof of concept for your terminal and to show personal leadership and vision. The game helps you to define your own vision on terminal automation and gives insight in the opinion of your co-workers. May the best proposition win.

The game is played in four different encounters (average duration of 2 hours each) and can be played online or in the board room. Each encounter tackles one of the following themes:

Control room design

ISO 11064 is clear about the value of a human centred design approach. Operator participation is key. But how do you manage that within time and budget and how do you know what to do if there a different opinions ? Based on our years of experience, Ops Factor developed a practical design tool to guide your teams through the design process. With clear goals and pre-defined steps we can deliver a functional design within a week.


Desk design

With our scrum based design approach we will connect relevant contractors, IT specialists and (future) operators to define details like number and size of displays (related to HMI interface and camera images), Single or double tier configuration, overview displays, type and position of controllers, switches and other equipment.

To support the decision process we can offer a test environment where operators can experience the impact of the different design options and can define the best switch and equipment position, preferred controllers display configuration.

ISO 11064 validation & verification

Ops Factor translated the ISO 11064-7 to a practical assessment tool. With this design validation approach, we offer a structured assessment of the differences between the operational ambition e.g. task allocation and workflow) and the design of the integrated operation centre (e.g. actual walking routes, communication lines and lines of sight).  Curious to learn how you can improve profitability, reliability or output with your operational work environment ?

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