TerminalQuest TQ®

TerminalQuest TQ®  is an online dilemma game, to create a shared vision on automation. For this strategic management tool we have used serious gaming as a format to facilitate the process.  Because we believe that serious gaming can help to solve tough issues in projects. The setting gives all participants a say and triggers to look at things from a different perspective. By playing the game participants develop a sense of ownership for the issue and there is more support for facing the challenges together. 

Strategic management session

TerminalQuest TQ® is played by multidisciplinary management teams in a strategic management session. The game can be played in the boardroom or online. Our Human Factors consultant will act as facilitator. 

The game is addressing two themes: automation & digitalization and Workflow & workforce. We facilitate the discussion by presenting several dilemmas on each theme. The dilemmas make you aware of critical issues that are related to automation and that will eventually cross your project path but may not come to mind in an early stage of the project. Early understanding will help you to think outside the box and to find new possibilities. 

TerminalQuest TQ® is played in one day with an Automation Strategy A3 canvas as final deliverable. 

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