Our Turnkey Services

Ops Factor can manage your complete control room realization. A total plug and play control room concept for brown- and green field projects. A long the years we have spoken thousands of operators from many different fields, sharing their experiences of working in control rooms all over de world. Operating and managing critical processes.  It is this experience that drives us to keep innovating and keep looking how to support them in their critical job.

Integrated solutions

The secret of a successful control room environment is the smart combination of things. Because of the many (technical) connections and mutual impact of single solutions we think and act from an overall concept. For example, an apparent simple ceiling, effects acoustics, air flow and light concepts. Or, multiple systems, bring multiple PC’s. Where to accommodate this technique and what is an operator going to do with the different keyboards, radio’s, and other devices on the desk. Integrated solutions from operator perspective will not only serve operations, but also the project team in making smart choices.

Control room competence centre

The total concept is key. Connecting Technology, Processes and People and creating integrated solutions to bring your business to the next level. That is why Ops Factor works with a partner network. Combining and integrating expertise into total concepts bringing the optimal solution for each situation. Together we think of integrated solutions, total concepts to serve the operational process and come with best practices and proven technology for a functional control room.

Human centred design

The control room is the beating heart of your organization. That is where decisions are made, where the process is operated, controlled. It is the place where processes and systems meet the people that work with it. A critical job that defines your business performance. Through the years, Ops Factors experienced the benefits of bringing the operations factor into design projects. Preferably from the start. We are experts in connecting technology, process and people.

We can provide the best solutions for each industry

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