About Ops Factor

Automation projects are technology driven but have big impact on operational process, people and jobs. Our mission is to integrate the Ops Factor in automation projects and to bring synergy between operations and machines.

Ops Factor is a spin-off from Merford Cabins. The development of remote control and automation in the container handling industry requires a new playing field. With Ops factor we can dedicate our focus on the new role and working environment of (remote) control operators. Supporting a safe, healthy and effective operational process.

With our pragmatic project approach, we bring the Ops factor in technical design projects, connecting stakeholders and creating innovative design solutions for the new operations working environment. We support your transition process and make your operators eager to change.

Our ambition? Starting the Ops Control Competence Centre to bring you expertise, knowledge and integrated operator solutions for the current and new generation operators supporting the changing operational process.

Our secret? We bring structure and fun by using serious gaming in our project approach and implementing functional and fun factors in our design.

Optimising operator performance

It’s an illusion that the human role will vanish with increasing automation technology. Management by exception becomes critical and is pre-eminently a human task. Operators are expected to become proactive, identifying deviations as quickly as possible and act accordingly. How quickly and adequate they react, impacts productivity, quality and safety. Automation may reduce the number of operators required but human operation will stay a critical component in the business process affecting output, service, safety and security.  What tools does a control operator need to perform a flawless job ?

What we do

<strong>Innovative design solutions</strong><br><br>

Innovative design solutions

<strong>Consultancy & project management</strong><br>

Consultancy & project management

<strong>Competence and knowledge center</strong><br><br>

Competence centre