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Automation projects are technology driven but have a big impact on operational process, people and jobs. Our mission is to integrate the Ops Factor in automation projects and to bring synergy between operations and machines. 

We have a combined experience of over 30 years in Control Rooms and seen hundreds of control room all over the world. This knowledge is used to ensure a pragmatic project approach: from designing furniture to creating complete control rooms and advise about the perfect lay-out. We are well aware that a control room without enthusiastic people is worth nothing. Listening and helping them to create the perfect working environment is why we do what we do. 

We are experienced in technical design projects, connecting stakeholders and creating innovative design solutions for the new operations working environment. Support your transition process and make your operators eager to change is what we can do best. We listen and bringing structure in our project approach and implementing functional and fun factors in our design.

Ops Factor is a spin-off from Merford Cabins, now part of the Metagro / Dubbeldam group. With Ops factor we can dedicate our focus on the working environment of (remote) control operators. Supporting a safe, healthy and effective operational process.

Our Expert Team

Ilse Houting

Director & HFE consultant


Elio Rodriguez

Director & Product Developer

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