Ops Factor is specialised in human centred design. We have translated the ISO 11064-Ergonomic design of control centres into pragmatic tools for project teams. We connect stakeholders and translate your operational workflow and tasks into functional design requirements. Ensuring a final design that is supported by operations and an effective project process with little concept rounds. We work pragmatic with clear goals and defined steps using serious gaming to make it accessible and fun.   

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Terminal Quest (TQ) | Control Room Design | Desk Configurator | ISO 11064

TerminalQuest TQ®

TerminalQuest TQ®, is an online dilemma game for terminal managers to play in a strategic management session about automation. It is designed to facilitate the discussion about terminal automation and to define a proof of concept that fits your terminal best. The dilemma’s make your team aware of relevant theme’s and challenges you will have to face together.

Control Room Design

Ops Factor is experienced in creating an integrated, well supported design for your control room. With a practical design approach we will lead your multi-disciplinary team to a practical, functional and consensual design reflecting a future working environment with maximum synergy between operations and technique.

Desk Configurator

Our control room furniture can accommodate a variety of displays (differentiation in number and size), controllers, communication equipment, hard switches and other devices. We can help you tailor the desk to ensure a workstation that will be fit for the job.

ISO 11064 Validation & Verification

ISO 11064-7 describes a validation and verification process to check the functionality of control room design. Not only to see how much the design meets the ergonomic requirements that are listed in the different parts of ISO 11064, but mainly to check whether the work environment supports effective, efficient, and heathy operation. If that is not covered, the work environment may have a negative impact on productivity and reliability of your premises.

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