Control Room Desks

Custom made to stay Focussed and Healthy

With the increasing number of data and applications, the workplaces of plant operators, security officers, ICU nurses, planners, dispatchers, supervisors, traffic control operators etc. is getting more complicated. A simple office desk is not sufficient. Ops Factor designs special furniture to accommodate multiple screens, communication equipment and overview displays. We have a combined experience of over 30 years and designed more Control Room Desks and Control Rooms than we can count. We can therefor help you with the perfect workstation to stay in control. Everything according to ergonomic standards like ISO 11064-Ergonomic design of control centres. Tailor made to make each console fit for the job.

We design custom made control room desks and always make sure the operator gets what he or she wants. Please check our Remote Control Crane Operator Desk as well to get an idea how we can integrate specific whishes. 

Healthy working postures and leg space

Our control room console ensures healthy working postures for operators of all shapes and sizes.  Since we serve clients all over the world, we fit the height adjustment range to your actual operator population.  Switching between sitting and standing working postures is beneficial for body and mind and will help operators to stay focussed. That is why our operator consoles are easy adjustable, changing working heights in seconds. All our desks ensure clear leg and feet space underneath the full width of the console without any loose cables or frames.

Healthy viewing angles

Our split-level design ensures healthy viewing angles, preventing operators for neck- and shoulder ache. Split-level means that the design allows the first tier of displays to be positioned lower than the desktop, limiting the more strenuous upper viewing angles. By making the display height independently adjustable form the worksurface, operators can adjust the viewing height according to personal needs (different body dimensions, wearing glasses etc.) and actual situation (e.g. central videowall).  

Looking for the perfect operator desk? We are happy to help you!

Overview and visual tranquillity

The toolbar is designed to accommodate a variety of displays. The quick release system makes displays easy to replace guaranteeing operations continuity. The monitor support arms are robust and shock resistant facilitating a proper alignment. Ops Factor strongly advises to use 24/7 displays only, displays with a small bezel, no mixture of type, brands, sizes etc.

Clean desk by system integration

Although operators are known for their multi-task skills, they cannot operator two keyboards simultaneously or have two phone calls at the same time. With KVM technology we can reduce the number of keyboards on an operator desk and provide overview and focus for the operator. Regarding telecom, we work with partners that are specialised in integrating multiple communication sources (analogue and digital radio, LTE, telephone, intercom etc.) to one user friendly interface. One central device with one headset, prioritising the sources in line with your operations philosophy.

Maintenance & transportation

Ops Factor values quality of our products and service. Our control room desk is built according to our high-quality standards making the workstations highly reliable and easy to clean. The technical cabinet provides enough space for multiple equipment, power supply and proper cable management. Easily accessible for maintenance and service. Unique is the fact that this control room console is easy to transport and mount on location without needing special expertise or a service team to do so. Not only operability, but also maintainability and cleanability have our priority.

Ops Service package

The Ops-cleaner we've developed is a multi-cleaner for every day use. Displays, keyboards, worksurface and chair. It can all be cleaned before every shift or in between. Because we believe that a proper desk supports overview and concentration of the operator.

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