Tailor made Control Room furniture and products.

Your operator is our main concern. We design and deliver products facilitating the operational process of a control room. Ensuring efficient, effective, and safe operation in all circumstances and many different fields. Based on our expertise and long-lasting control room experience we keep searching for innovative solutions to support the operational process.

On this page you can find information about all of our products:
Control Room Desk | Remote Control Crane Operator Desk | Control Room Furniture | Integrated Videowall Solutions | 24/7 Operator Chairs | Mobile Ops Room | Control Room Lighting Concept

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Control Room Desk

Our control room desks are a safe haven in critical and hectic circumstances. Providing overview, situational awareness, and “being one step ahead”. With smart solutions we reduce the number of keyboards and communication devices, creating a clean desk. The split level design ensures healthy viewing angles on multiple desk displays and integrated videowall. The technical cabinet ensures no PC’s or other equipment on the desk and no loose cables. Easily accessible for maintenance and service. The modular design supports easy transportation and quick mounting on the scene without compromising on robustness or stability.

Remote Control Crane Operator Desk

The Ops Factor remote control desk is especially designed for operating cranes remotely, ensuring a smooth transition from cabin to operations room or office. Our remote control workstation can accommodate a variety of displays, controllers, communication equipment, hard switches and other devices. The modular design makes the desk fit for all type of cranes and systems. Easy to transport and easy to install with all the practical details Ops Factor stands for like ergonomics, cable management, clean desk, dedicated for operators of all shapes and sizes working in shifts all over the world.

Control Room Furniture

Control room environments require special furniture, like lockers, wardrobes for personal safety gear, shift cabinets, pantries, war rooms, permit counters etc. Ops Factor designs dedicated control room furniture. The design is based on the functional requirements of your operational process and fits a room lay-out that is in line with your workflow.

In search of another solution? Contact us and together we will find the best solution to your problem.
Elio Rodriguez
Product developer

Integrated Videowall Solutions

Our integrated videowall solutions support proactive monitoring and will give all control room operators the information to anticipate on the process. No more surprises but real time dashboards with actual operator status and performance levels. Or to share numerous camera images or other relevant dashboards.

24/7 Operator Chairs

Intensive operations like monitoring or observation, place the highest demand on a chair. Especially when the chair is used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is why Ops Factor offers a dedicated ergonomic 24 hours operator chair. This heavy-duty chair is fitted with extra strong and robust mechanisms and bigger 5-star bases. The ergonomic backrest with pelvic support is built to withstand intensive usage. 24/7 chairs are quick and easy to adjust and extremely comfortable for every user.

Mobile Ops Room

Our plug and play mobile Ops Room is specially designed for remote control operations in the field. For piloting and tracking robots from a safe environment during industrial or deep sea cleaning, inspection or dedicated operations. Or for the teleoperation of special vehicles in challenging situations.

Control Room Lighting Concept

We have learned through the years that a good lighting concept has a significant impact on operator performance. Ops Factor is specialized in 24/7 lighting concepts and works with well know experts in this field. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about requirements and possibilities.

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