Remote Control Crane Operator Desk

The remote control operator workstation is our special. It relates strongest to our roots and our mother company Metagro. Well known for their crane cabins and Ergoseat. The remote control workstation fits the philosophy of putting the operator first, designing with the crane driver in mind. Operating a crane without sitting on the crane is a big change for many operators. Sitting on a 24/7 operator chair, our remote control solution provides the operator a good overview with all the critical information that is required to do a safe and efficient job. The modular design makes the remote control desk fit for every type of crane and is OEM independent. Providing one standard, healthy and supportive workplace for your whole fleet.

Healthy Working Postures

The cockpit shape desktop combined with adjustable leather elbow supports provide healthy working postures for operators of all shapes and sizes. The work height is electrically adjustable facilitating different body length and sitting or standing working postures. The 3D printed controller base with palm pad is there for optimal arm and hand support.

Everything within Reach

The 3D printed controller base integrates the main controllers and up to 5 aluminum pushbuttons on each side for easy access (within finger reach). A mini joystick can be added for quick camera operation. The legend between the controllers presents the crane functionality within primary view.

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Leg Space and Cable Management

The worktop consists of a polyester base with a 38mm high-end multiplex cover and aluminium inlay. This construction provides space for cables, switches and connectors etc. without any loose cables underneath the desk. The aluminium inlay makes a quick cable access possible for maintenance or repair. One or two technical cabinets on either side provide enough space to accommodate technical equipment ensuring enough free leg space for a comfortable sitting position according to ergonomic standards.

Modular Design

The metal inlay makes the design flexible for switches and controllers of different type, number and size. The lay-out can be defined based on your requirements and functionalities. We can support you with ergonomic advice and years of desk design experience to come to a tailor-made design. The toolbar can accommodate different display configurations. From a curved widescreen up to 6 x 24”displays. Every configuration perfectly aligned and with quick release for fast replacement, guaranteeing continuity of your operation. Because of its modular design, our remote control cockpit is a preferred workstation for many different equipment manufacturers and terminals worldwide.

Footprint & Transportation

Because Ops Factor considers maintenance and commissioning just as important as effective operation, the design ensures a simple installation on site and a modest footprint which doesn’t require special equipment to move the desk. Just because the footprint of our remote control workstation is similar to an office desk, doesn’t mean that an operations room requires just as much space as an average office. A heuristic value for planning floor-space allocation is to allow for 9 - 15 m2 per working position. Check ISO 11064 for more information.

Ops Service Package

With the Ops-cleaner we developed a multi-cleaner for every day use. Displays, controllers, switches, arm pads and chair can all be cleaned before or during a shift. Because we believe that a proper desk supports the concentration of the operator.

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